The Switch Story

The Kansas City based band Switch has been performing in the Midwest since 2006. Switch features a wide variety of music and takes pride in playing styles from many different genres. The band stands behind the belief that most people like many kinds of music, not just one. Thus, no one leaves a Switch show without hearing a song they like or recognize.

Kim Switch is the band's primary lead vocalist. She returned to rock the mic in 2014 after an 17 month break where she established and still runs a very successful DJ/Karaoke business. Kim is the original singer of Switch and is well known for her soaring vocals and her energetic and contagious stage presence. Switch is thrilled to have her back! 

Deano is the founding member of Switch and enjoys "Switching" it up at each show between instruments. In the earlier years of Switch, it would not be unusual to see Deano switching between guitar, keyboards, and bass. After finally settling on bass, Deano is returning to his roots and adding keyboards to the band once again. In addition to his instrumental talents, Deano's extensive background in live sound (mixing for hundreds of national acts) helps to give Switch a warm, professional and dynamic sound. Deano also sings lead and handles fronting duties. As a footnote, Dean was also voted as the Top Bass Player 2011 in Harleys and Horses Black Tie and Jeans Awards. 

Brian Couch joined Switch in 2010 and has been wowing fans with his multi-talented skills. Brian plays lead and rhythm guitar, keyboards, bass guitar and sings lead as well as harmony vocals. Brian is also Switch’s music director and is responsible for arranging the many songs that Switch plays in a show. Even though Brian is busy Switching it up the whole night, you never know where he will be - look for him on the stage or out in the crowd. 

Rusty Crewse joined Switch at the tail end of 2010. Rejoining his bandmates Deano and Brian from their days with the Boston tribute 4th Stage, Rusty came armed with his Les Paul and Marshall amp, and showed the crowds how to rock... and the magic of "The Dream Team" lives on. Rusty is also well known as Ace Frehley in the Midwest's best KISS tribute band, KISS ALIVE.  He also performs as Jimmy Page in KC's Stairway To Zeppelin tribute. Rusty joined the arsenal of lead singers in Switch with his distinctive style. Be sure to watch for Brian and Rusty's cross over technique,  when they each play the other's guitar without taking them off. Rusty's commanding style leaves no part of any stage untouched. 

SIB joined Switch in 2014 and brought along his tight and clever drum style, plus he is also a magnificent showman! You never know what kind of crazy antics he has up his sleeve. SIB has a varied past and has played styles ranging from Heavy Metal to Disco in his life behind the kit. On off nights, SIB is also a very well respected sound engineer who has worked with countless national artists. 

The name Switch says it all and fits one of KC's most versatile bands. Be sure to catch Switch whenever you can - you won't be disappointed. Fair warning:  you should arrive as early as possible - Switch shows are usually a sellout. The band provides a volatile mix of music, energy, great sound, and the ability to make any event a memorable one. See you there!!!